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Website audit of your home page from $45

Do you want an HONEST and BRUTAL opinion of your website from someone you don’t know?  When you ask your family and friends for their opinion of your website they probably say something like “it looks nice”.  You won’t get that from me.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression on your website visitors

If your website does not make a good first impression on your visitors within the first five to fifteen seconds they are likely to leave and they may never return.

Does your website have a high bounce rate?

What does bounce mean?

When someone arrives on your website and they only remain on a single page and they only remain on your site for a few seconds and then leave your website, that visitor has “bounced” off of your site.

Maybe the visitor saw a link to your website on a social media site and was just curious.  Those type of visitors are not your target market.

However, there may have been something about your website prospects did not like about your website.

I have critiqued over 600 websites in the past fifteen years.  There are many factors that can contribute to a high bounce rate.  I have seen very few website home pages that don’t need improving.

Maybe the images are poor quality or there are so many images and the page load time is extremely slow.

Does your website have a poor title or headings?

Those are just a few of the possible items that may need improving.

Is your website mobile responsive?

If you have a website that was created by someone five or more years ago, your website may not be considered to be “mobile responsive” by Google.

Mobile responsiveness along with the website bounce rate are two of the many factors used by Google for determining how well pages rank on their search results.  This is referred to as search engine optimization, (SEO).

Do your prospects have a rewarding experience when they arrive on your site using a cell phone?

Maybe, but the best way to find out for sure is to take out your smart phone and visit your website.

When you visited your website did you enjoy looking at all of the content on your home page?  If not, you probably need to have me conduct an audit.  I can take a look at your home page and provide you with my honest opinion.

The small fee that I charge to audit your home page may tell you what you can do to lower your bounce rate and keep people on your site longer.

When prospects do not have a pleasant experience on your website they are not likely to do business with you.

Of course, it it totally up to you to implement my recommendations.  You agree to be fully responsible for your actions and to hold me harmless in any legal and monetary disputes from following my recommendations.